Welcome to my little corner of the web!

If you’re seeing this page it probably means you’ve not logged in, or maybe you have logged in but your life is so incredibly dull that you though “I know, I’ll read a static page of uninteresting crap, that’s *sure* to brighten up my day!!” <– very sad. You likely need counselling. No, really, get help.

For anyone else, well get on and do the things your god-like user permissions allow you to do. But nothing else, ok? ┬áDon’t go snooping and trying to look at things you shouldn’t.

And finally, if you *really* think something has gone wrong, and you should be allowed to peruse this site at your whim, then maybe drop me an email. Bribery works wonder (as does a dozen box of Dunkin’s of Krispy Kreme’s ;))